Goods delivery – DDT

The Full NSO Peppol service provides a complete processing of Despatch Advises (DDT), both issued and received.

Sending an electronic DDT before goods arrival (i.e. before getting the paper DDT) realises an Advanced Shipping Notice process and can significantly contribute to goods receipt optimisation.

In particular:

The Full NSO Peppol service is mainly addressed to healthcare organisation suppliers, and includes issuing of DDT in Peppol format and dispatching via the Peppol network, as required by the Emilia-Romagna health care institutions. The Peppol DDT format is Despatch Advise 3.0, and can be acquired directly from the user company or obtained by Pdf transformation or proprietary format conversion.


The Full NSO Peppol service can be used also to send DDTs to private entities enabled to receive documents through the Peppol network, as well as to receive DDTs in Peppol format through the Peppol network from suppliers able to use that channel.


The Full NSO Peppol service uses the SATA Access Point (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) of the Peppol network, in which every user company is registered and assigned its own Peppol-ID. According to the Emilia-Romagna region rules, Peppol DDTs can be sent only with respect to orders received via NSO. DDT processing is performed in cloud, then outside the company legacy system which can anyway import the resulting output in custom format. Thus, the Full NSO Peppol service operates as an interface between the company legacy system and the outside world.


SATA offers the Full NSO Peppol service since 2020 (as the evolution of a service started in June 2016) and guarantees to some thousand customers timely and correct adaptation to official norm evolution. It is expected that in the next months NSO will manage also DDTs, besides orders, and the SATA service will be adapted promptly.


We love Pdf!

Any ERP system of the health care organisation suppliers is in condition to issue Pdf DDTs, and Full NSO Peppol is able to extract all the contents of a Pdf DDT (header, body, references, footer) and use those contents to generate the target electronic format.

In case of native (text) Pdf, the extraction is 100% effective, while in case of scanned (image) Pdf about the 75% of documents are converted without any problems, while the remaining 25% requires some manual correctio

The Full NSO Peppol service is suitable for suppliers of any size, and is particularly convenient for the following categories

Small-medium sized companies using an outdated accounting system that cannot be changed because of shortage of time and resources. It is much more convenient for them to continue issuing the Pdf DDT relying on the Full NSO Peppol service for their translation into the target format.

Medium-large sized companies, provided with high level ERP systems, that prefer not to adapt them but rely on an independent service like Full NSO Peppol ensuring compliance with the Italian standard at a very low cost.

Fast activation!

Setting-up a user company for the Full NSO Peppol service requires an average lead time of 24 hours, with a maximum of 48 hours.

For DDTs, it is recommended to send in advance a sample of some tens of them, to make the template tuning easier and faster.

Whenever a format conversion is needed the back-office contacts the user company to get the custom format and the related specifications and agree upon the document exchange channel.

The Full NSO Peppol service introduces a clear decoupling between the company ICT infrastructure and the external agents that issue and receive the company DDTs:


Whenever the Italian norms change, the Full NSO Peppol service is timely updated so as to keep fully coping with the official national specifications.


Whenever the user company ERP changes, the Full NSO Peppol service keeps on sending the issued documents and receiving the supplier documents. In the worst case, only the conversion between custom formats is impacted.

White label solution!

The Full NSO Peppol service model is mainly based on intermediaries (VARs), where each intermediary is provided with a dedicated domain, and one or more sub-domains for its own partners if needed. The user companies are registered in those domains and sub-domains and their data are strictly segregated so as to ensure the maximum protection and privacy.

The user interface (GUI) can be customised with logo and colours of each domain or sub-domain, to ensure a good commercial characterisation. Alternatively, the intermediary can decide to use its own web portal, and to that purpose Full NSO Peppol offers an application interface based on sFTP or API REST, designed to ensure good performances with high volumes of exchanged documents.

Standard set-up of an intermediary takes three working days (max five) from the sale contract subscription.

The pricing model of the Full NSO Peppol service is pay-per-use, based on a price function decreasing when the volume of exchanged documents increases. Such volume refers to all documents of a given year exchanged by all the user companies registered at the intermediary domain and its sub-domains. It is also possible to buy pre-paid document batches at a favourable price.


Buyer identification

A mandatory requirement to use the Full NSO Peppol service is the buyer registration into the Peppol network. The buyer should communicate its Peppol-ID directly in the NSO order or in a separate communication.

A Peppol-ID is the unique identifier into the Peppol network of a physical or legal person willing to exchange documents with public health care organisations. The Peppol-ID is always assigned by a Peppol service provider, and can remain the same when the service provider changes, but it is mandatory to de-register the user company from the previous provider SMP before registering it at the new provider SMP. In case of change it is sufficient to agree upon a ten minutes’ time interval where the two activities take place in the correct order.

A NSO-ID is the identifier into the NSO network of a physical or legal person willing to exchange documents with public health care organisations. At present, such organisations cannot receive DDTs via the Peppol network, being the registration with a Peppol-ID a strict requirement. It is likely that when the NSO system will be extended to manage both the Peppol and the NSO network, interoperability between the two networks will be ensured by NSO itself, as it is now with the different order types.

DDT receipt

The guidelines for using the Peppol network specify that format validation is in charge of the issuer.

Yes, if the ERP can directly import the Peppol format no extra costs apply, otherwise a format conversion is needed which implies a set-up cost and a yearly fee (option Gold).

The Full NSO Peppol service provides a monitoring function allowing the user to see the list of DDTs, with the possibility to filter them, order them and show their details. Both the DDT status and the eArchiving status (if any) are shown.

DDT issuing

The Full NSO Peppol service makes a web-form available to enter DDTs manually, adding the possible attachments, as well as a Pdf transformation function to generate automatically the corresponding Peppol format.

The Full NSO Peppol service sends to the health care organisation, via the Peppol network, only correct documents, and to this purpose it applies syntactical, semantical, logical and algebraic checks. Whenever a document does not pass all the envisaged checks, it is discarded, and a proper notification is sent to the user.

The Peppol measure units are several hundreds, NSO guidelines suggest to use around 35 of them. It is strongly recommended to use the measure units reported in the order the DDT line refers to. This enables the buyer to easily import the DDT in its ERP.

The Full NSO Peppol service provides a monitoring function allowing the user to see the list of DDTs, with the possibility to filter them, order them and show their details. Both the DDT status and the eArchiving status (if any) are shown.

Legal archiving

Legal archiving for orders is not mandatory but strongly recommended. The Full NSO Peppol service executes it upon request, with and extra fee per document. Legal archiving is in charge of a service provider qualified by AgID, Agenzia dell’Italia Digitale, usually Credemtel.

Both issued and received DDTs are sent to legal archive as soon as they are released to or acquired form the Peppol network.

No, the archiving cost is included in the additional legal archiving fee, and covers the legal archiving for 10 years as required by the Italian laws.

SATA configures one user for each company at the legal archiving provider platform, which in turn produces and communicates the user credentials (usid, pswd). From that moment, the Full NSO Peppol service is in charge of preparing and sending to the archiver the Delivery packages, while the user is fully autonomous in accessing the archived document in the archiver platform.

According to the official specifications, every qualified legal archiver should allow the user to access the archived data through a web application for all the legal archiving period.