SATA is an innovation laboratory developing software products and providing cloud services:

  • Since 2020 it is part of the CREDEM group.
  • Participating in RTD projects, especially EU, as fast software developer, and engineering the resulting prototypes to bring them to the market.
  • Providing advanced cloud-based services for document dematerialisation, interoperability and adhesion to standards.
  • Steady collaboration with the Softech-ICT Lab (University of Modena) and the Observatory on eInvoicing and eCommerce B2B (Milan Polytechnic).
  • Since 2016 it is ISO 9001-2015 certified.
  • Founded in 1983 to provide SMEs acting in the manufacturing field with advanced IT solutions.
  • Since 1995 participating in a number a EU projects of the Esprit, IST, Capacities, Interreg, CIP-ICT, SME and, more recently, CEF programmes.
  • Since 2002 engineering the RTD results of EU co-funded projects.
  • Since 2008 specialized in the semantic extraction of the whole contents from business documents.
  • Since 2014 using a proprietary platform to provide cloud-based services of eInvoicing and eProcurement according to Italian and European standards, with more than fifty thousand user companies.
  • Since 2014 it is certified intermediary with respect to the Italian “Sistema di Interscambio – SdI” for eInvoices.
  • Since 2016 it is one of the first Italian certified Access Point (AP) of the International Peppol network for eOrders, eDespatch Advices and eInvoices, and since 2019 it is also certified Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).
  • Since 2017 it is participated by Credemtel (CREDEM group), which in 2020 becomes the company main shareholder.