Successfully completed the AS4EDI2020 project

The plenary coordination session of the AS4EDI2020 project, organized by the University of Valencia, took place today and verified the completion degree of the foreseen activities and the achievement of the established objectives.

It is worth recalling that the AS4EDI2020 project was aimed at promoting the utilization of the AS4 messaging protocol, specifically the CEF eDelivery AS4 Profile, at six Access Points of the Peppol network. In addition to The University of Valencia as coordinator the project saw the participation of other partners from Italy, Latvia, Holland and Spain.

Concerning SATA, the main objective was providing its AP and SMP solution, developed in the frame of a previous CEF project, to Promofarma, the informatics company of FederFarma which associates over 18.000 Italian private pharmacies. That objective has been fully met and now Promofarma can assure the document exchange if its associates.

In particular, SATA has enriched its solution with the addition of a middleware whose purpose is facilitating the integration of the AP and SMP nodes in the Promofarma legacy applications. By those applications, it is presently possible to automatically register the users on the Peppol network, send orders and receive receipt advises.

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