SATA EU eInvoicing service improved

Since May 2020 SATA is offering an eInvoicing service compliant with the Directive 2014/55/UE and its related standards UBL and CII. In particular SATA exploits the sound competence gained in managing the UBL format, as well as the equivalent PEPPOL 3.0, including the automatic generation of such format both from PDF and from XML-SDI format (using to this purpose the outcomes of the CEF eIGOR project).

Now, thanks to the experience gained in the European CEF EURINV project, SATA started to offer specific services for all the companies sending invoices to European public administrations, or exchanging invoices with private European partners willing to take advantage of the available standards. This is the way to lower the main barrier to issue invoices compliant with the EU standard.

Concerning AP invoices, SATA accepts both UBL and CII formats, and has already available connectors to generate the XML-SDI format, so as to unify the automatic import of EU invoices with respect to Italian invoices. Finally SATA started to adapt the  service to different national CIUS, starting from the German one (X-Rechnung).