EURINV19 > Started the certification phase

SATA has completed, on its own HUB-MultiDOC software platform, the devised development activity aimed at enabling the TATRA BILLING (Slovakia) partner to operate in its Country by sending and receiving eInvoices according to the model and standards introduced by the Directive 2014/55/UE.

This is an activation example that might, in the future, be replicated in a larger number of electronic invoicing services.

That activation, based on a deep service adaptation to the Slovakian context and market, includes the realization of an asynchronous between the newly implemented eInvoicing solution and the TATRA BILLING ERP system so as to allow the automatic import/export of the processed documents. The new solution has been and is presently subject to an intense testing phase to assure its correct and sure functioning.

The testing phase is immediately followed by the certification phase as required by the European Commission through its INEA Agency, and will end in the first months of 2021. In more detail, the certification phase is split into two activities: conformance verification with respect to the Directive requirements, and interoperability verification with the eInvoicing services of other Countries, at least those of the EURINV19 Consortium partners.

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