EURINV19 > concluded the solution design phase

SATA has carried out, in strict collaboration with TATRA BILLING (Slovakia) the analysis and design phase of the electronic invoicing system representing the project target.

More precisely, the following activities have been completed:

– Detailed specification of the technical changes that have to be introduced on the platform for adapting the SATA eInvoicing solution to the context of the Slovakian market.
– Analysis of the TATRA BILLING ERP system with special attention for its import/export eInvoice custom formats.
– Definition of an asynchronous integration mechanism between the newly implemented eInvoicing solution and the TATRA BILLING ERP system.

With the conclusion of the design phase SATA in now in the condition to start developing the foreseen eInvoicing solution for TATRA BILLING and the Slovakian market. It is intended that such solution is conformant with the EN standard syntaxes, namely UBL and CII, as required by the Directive 2014/55/EU, and provided in cloud.

The newly implemented eInvoicing solution will be published around the end of this year to undergo an intense testing phase that can assure its correct running, and then will be subject to a conformance verification procedure driven by the cited INEA Agency with the ultimate objective to certify its full conformity to the Directive requirements.

Disclaimer: The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of SATA and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.