What is it

The HUB MultiDOC technology, fully developed by SATA, puts any company and professional in condition to transform business documents (orders, dispatch advice, invoices) in electronic form into the desired format, both when sending and when receiving. This pushes the company to make a substantial step ahead in terms of dematerialization, interoperability and adherence to standards.

All this innovation process does not require any change to the company ERP or legacy system, as both sent and received documents can keep their original format, in particular, PDF (text, image, text+image) or SPOOL. In fact, it is a task of HUB MultiDOC, operating in an almost automatic way, to extract contents from original documents and generate the required output formats.

All documents to manage can be acquired and sent via different channels (Mail/PEC, Web service, FTP, Upload/download) and processed in a variety of formats of origin and destination and different extent of capture, according to the customer needs.

The HUB MultiDOC technology takes advantage of the powerful DDE engine, in turn fully developed by SATA, which enables extraction and correct interpretation of header, body, references, payment dates and amounts, footer (VAT detail and total amounts) of any business document. DDE includes a highly qualified OCR (ABBYY Fine Reader) component.

Please download the presentation SATA-HUB-MultiDOC.pdf

PEPPOL network

Since January 2016 SATA is a node of the PEPPOL European Network. The PEPPOL network aims at standardising the eProcurement processes involving public administrations and their suppliers, and the related document exchange. The PEPPOL infrastructure is based on open standards and is operated by a network of Access Point located all over Europe.

Since July 2016 in Italy the Emilia-Romagna region imposes the use of the PEPPOL network to all the suppliers of the regional healthcare structures, i.e. such suppliers can receive orders and send dispatch advises only in PEPPOL format through the PEPPOL network.

Since July 2017 also the suppliers of the UK National Healthcare Service – NHS must receive order and send invoices in PEPPOL format through the PEPPOL network.

SATA is PEPPOL certified Access Point.

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HUB MultiDOC offers a thorough contribution to reach the innovation targets of dematerialization, interoperability and  adherence to standards of  business documents:

  • Dematerialization. HUB MultiDOC transforms any business document when sending or receiving in the desired electronic version, thus achieving its dematerialization. The proper metadata for indexing can be identified among the electronic document fields, thus enabling document retrieval in a document management system or in a legal eArchive. And for received documents, the customised structured output format allows feeding directly the target ERP or legacy system.
  • Information system interoperability. HUB MultiDOC enables the interaction between information systems of any nature and complexity, by executing automatic conversion from the original format to the destination format through its internal format, which is rich enough to avoid loss of information in the double translation. The same mechanism enables the automatic translation of the document structured contents from one language to another, using English as “lingua franca”.
  • Adherence to standards. HUB MultiDOC manages original and output formats that can be custom or standard. Among the already recalled standards, we recall the XML-SdI of the Italian national Sistema d’Interscambio, PEPPOL for orders, dispatch advises and invoices, CBI2 for invoices in the bank environments and some EDI formats. Then this technology includes the possibility, for information systems using proprietary formats, to close the gap with respect to standards, without affecting the systems themselves, through the automatic conversion of documents they issue and receive.