SATA services are particularly addressed to companies and organisation of small-medium size and cover the whole spectrum of the business problems arising from the collaboration in networks in a global world. In addition, a number of large customers and service providers are using our solutions and this is a sound evidence of the high quality of our proposal.

More precisely, SATA services are intentionally complementary and additional with respect to the current ICT market offer. Starting from the availability of a number of quite spread solutions, such as ERP, CRM, SCM systems, SATA wants to cover the needs that such systems leave unsolved, by ensuring the maximum level of compatibility with the solution already in use.

SATA offers a variety of standard as well as customised services. Standard services are realised with the different configurations of HUB MultiDOC, customised services are based upon the DocDataExtraction technology to solve specific needs in strict collaboration with the customer. Both kinds of services can be provided directly by SATA or intermediated by partners that interact with the customers.

For all these services, SATA can provide additional activities such as:

  • Training. Training is performed taking advanced of manuals and interactive sessions in video-conference. In case the customer, or the intermediary, requires to go deeper on specific aspects, a face-to-face meeting can take place.
  • Technical assistance. SATA offers second-level help desk via a proper ticketing system. For direct customers and intermediaries also a first level helpdesk is available in working hours. SATA is committed to ensuring this Service Level Agreement.


This technology, fully developed by SATA, puts any company or professional in condition to transform business documents (orders, dispatch advice, invoices) in electronic form in the desired format, both when sending and when receiving, in the perspective of dematerialization, interoperability and adherence to standards.

DocDataExtraction (DDE)

This technology, fully developed by SATA, is the most efficient way to capture data from documents in PDF Raster, PDF vector and SPOOL formats. Its main features are very short set-up times, very high interpretation success rate and the ability to produce any kind of structured format, thus ensuring very high interoperability levels.