Who we are

A factory of innovative products and services, from research to professional service.

SATA was founded in 1983 with the mission of applying advanced Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to support manufacturing and service activities at enterprises and public bodies. SATA activities evolved over time as reported in the following:

  • Since 1992 SATA is taking part in regional, national and European RTD and Technology Transfer projects, in collaboration with research centres and final users (public and private) from different European countries. The main role played by SATA is designing and developing software prototypes aimed at enabling users to understand and experiment the innovative project outcomes. Thanks to such projects SATA gained sound competencies in design and development of complex projects.
  • Since 2002 SATA started engineering the ICT prototypes resulting from RTD projects with the objective to realise products for the market. At the time being it is in condition to offer an integrated set of solutions for dematerialization of business documents and interoperability of SMEs working individually and in networks.
  • Since 2008 SATA is specialised in the semantic extraction of the whole contents of orders, dispatch advises and invoices in PDF format to produce any kind of structured format. In particular, SATA reached excellent results in managing the document body, by extracting all item line fields and references to previously related documents.

Sound and reliable methods of work and a careful selection of employees, young and smart information engineers, ensure the high-quality level of its products and projects. The personnel is typically enrolled in collaboration with the Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” in Modena.

Today more than 30 partners use the SATA technological solutions to offer professional services to tens of thousands companies and professionals and final users.

SATA profile

ISO9001:2015 certification

PEPPOL network

Since January 2016 SATA is a node of the PEPPOL European Network. The PEPPOL network aims at standardising the eProcurement processes involving public administrations and their suppliers, and the related document exchange. The PEPPOL infrastructure is based on open standards and is operated by a network of Access Point located all over Europe.

Since July 2016 in Italy the Emilia-Romagna region imposes the use of the PEPPOL network to all the suppliers of the regional healthcare structures, i.e. such suppliers can receive orders and send dispatch advises only in PEPPOL format through the PEPPOL network.

Since July 2017 also the suppliers of the UK National Healthcare Service – NHS must receive order and send invoices in PEPPOL format through the PEPPOL network.

SATA is PEPPOL certified Access Point.

For all details please visit out dedicated web-site peppol-en.satanet.it